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Philips 334A Back

New Philips 334A panel.

Price is 'on request' becouse there are extra options possible.

We have made several backpanels for 334A radios.

We noticed that there are different cabinet measurements  possible,

becouse  some costumers have told us that our "standard" panel did not fitt on their 334 A radio.

We have solved  their problem by making  a new/other measurement 334A panel

We don't know for sure, if these "exceptional" cabinets where really made by Pillips .

It's allso possible that these exceptional cabinets where made later : New or restoured ? 

We allso noticed that there are 2 different panel -print versions possible .

The same phenomenonwe we have allso noticed with some  S.Super Six SS6   radio's.



Information request