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Updated: 30-04-2024        

Welcome at Ben Dijkman & Co

At Ben Dijkman & Co you can find new parts for Vintage Audio/ Radio.

We are specialized in making repro dials, knobs, back panel and many other parts.

We have original and n.o.s. parts as well.

If you are searching for something specific, just let us know and we will try to help you further.

To make a reproduction, all we need is a good original example.

We do "BenDijkman&Co" just for hobby during our free-time.

Every penny we make, will be used to invent and produce new products that are not available yet.

Whatever others may think or say: Ben Dijkman&Co is not commercial !

Best regards,

Ben Dijkman


New in stock, new and original ones: German radio backpanel,

Several knobs for vintage guitars or instruments

Marschall ,  Hofner ,  Teisco/Kawai ,Rickenbacker ,Gibson.


Your radio is not original anymore with the dirty  original cloth on it .

See the difference...and tell me :

What radio would you have bought as a gift for your wife and children ?

New small badge Ekco knobs available.


New in stock : Garrard 45 R.P.M. adaptor.

New in stock: Original  German Rückwand

New in stock: Very exclusive luxe effects grillcloth.

Schaallampjes , Vermogensweerstanden, Afstemschalen

Speaker-Cloth, Dial-bulb,  Ceramic power-resistors, 30's Dials,   Knobs , Backpanel, Radio's for sale.


'Black/white" cloth.

Very exclusive beautifull new cloths:

silver and cupper ..."Cloth  Ekco "

Isolation posts for in-door antenna.



New RGD Dail.



New: n.o.s Philips professional speakercloth.

Used allso for speakersystems in public places like station and church.

No stretch, extreme strong , fine structure and still very sound-open !


We are allways trying to find new products for your radio.

This "Ekco cloth" we found recently.

Ekco A22 knobs we have shiny knobs and half shiny knobs in stock.


Philips knob inlay:


New grill cloth: Goldbrown speaker cover.


Below you see pictures of beautifull and very different design radio's .


  These 2 pictures: Andrea Zaghis






You may think this is a telephone, but in fact this is a serious radio produced by Guild.

Perhaps these where made as a joke ?

Perhaps to hide the (secret) radio for others in the community? 

However, this radio looks beautifull and are sounding pretty good ! 

Guild allso made other unusual radio models.


Like this "The Spice Chest" radio


 Or this lamp radio "The Town Crier" ..







































































The End