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At Ben Dijkman & Co you can find new parts for Vintage Audio/ Radio.

We are specialized in making repro dials, knobs, back panel and many others parts.

We do have original and n.o.s. parts allso .

If you should need some parts: Just let us know.

All we need for making reproduction parts is a good original  example.

We do "BenDijkman&Co" just for hobby and during our free-time.

Every penny we make is used again to invent en produce new products  that are not available anymore.

So whatever others may think or say: Ben Dijkman&Co is not commercial.

Best regards,

Ben Dijkman


Updated: 12-03-2021:

A JAB 5 colour printed glass dial Cadran:

See  Various: Many new parts like ceramic resistors , potentiometers, transformator and coils in stock now.

We are bizzy to make new products: 

This Spanish Philips 534U back-panel.

And this nice little round Ariane Ambiance base cover.

Many new parts.

N.o.s. Potentiometers, knobs and transformers (various)



  These 2 pictures: Andrea Zaghis






You may think this is a telephone, but in fact this is a serious radio produced by Guild.

Perhaps these where made as a joke ?

Perhaps to hide the (secret) radio for others in the community? 

However, this radio looks beautifull and are sounding pretty good ! 

Guild allso made other unusual radio models.


Like this "The Spice Chest" radio


 Or this lamp radio "The Town Crier" ..







































































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