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How does it work ? Price v.s. cloth measurement. Read this. Back

Welcome at BD&Co  .

On this page you can find many  replacement cloths.

The price we wrote unther every  cloth picture is only  for  indication.

For example : Price  20€  per 900cm2  = 30 cm x 30 cm .

Many cloths we can deliver in big measurements, so feel free to ask for information about that. 

In case  you need bigger (or smaller)  measurements you can calculate the price  yourselve :

  Length (you wish) x width (you wish) ....= surface you need in  cm2 .

  Surface cm2  : 900cm2 = Price factor.

  Price factor X 20€ = price for your measurement.


For the special Philips cloths .

Priced:  30€ or 33€ ,  go only per standard measurement : 30cm x30cm (900cm2) 

Offcourse you can order bigger measurement but only per extra  900cm2 .

Like: 60cm x 30cm,  60cm x 30cm,   or 90cm x 30cm  etc.


Little stock cloths.

Some cloths we have only little stock ( little measurements ) left. 

These cloths are not to see at our website.

In case you need small measurement radiocloth, but not to find at our website

it could be smart to ask us if  we still have something suitable . ;)

 If you need  radio cloth, please tell us what measurements you wish. 


Information request