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For sale Philips B7X63A. ( + extra new dial) Sold Back

100% Complete and in good shape:   Philips B7X63A aangeboden.

Chassies still covered in dust,

Tubes glow, but radio does not work

I have took the pictures of the cabinet that way, that you can see all scratches on the cabinet extreme well,

In fact they are not that visable.

With  cleaning, polishing and some coloring care,, this cabinet can look just great again.

The dial is still good readable but it has allso some little spots like all original old dails have.....but ....

No worry :

We have perfect new dail available. ;)

New B7X63A dail

Knobs pushbuttons are all original !: No original of repro replacements on it !

These need just  a good polish to let the fresh colour come up again.

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